Student Drowns in Ocean


A student of Moi University drowned in the ocean last week while swimming. Confirming the death of the student, the Director of Academics told capital campus that “the third year political science student was enjoying his time at the beach when he drowned”.

It is said that Moi University students had gone for a field trip in Mombasa when they decided to swim. However, as the day unfolded, one of them went missing even though they couldn’t immediately establish where the student is. The next day, the body of the dead student was found at the shore by the police.

Posting on his facebook account, the academics director expressed his condolences and urged students to be more vigilant while swimming. This comes after several students from the university drowned last year. One student slipped into a river last year in Chepkiit falls while attempting to swim and yet another one drowned in a swimming pool at Deep Sea Hotel in Kitale. Another student was hit by a car the same year.

Various people have expressed their concerns at the kind of preparation students go through during field trips. A law student at the university told capital campus that “trip organizers should take time to educate their peers on safety and security, at this rate, we might end up losing everyone



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