Student develops anti-hangover pill


hangover pill

A Princeton University student, Brooks Powell, says he has developed a pill to cure hangovers. The Thrive+ pill also helps to counter alcohol addiction, according to Powell. Thrive +works in a unique way to ensure the body does not suffer the symptoms associated with a hangover.

“Thrive+ protects your brain and body from the negative effects of alcohol while supplementing your body to breakdown alcohol’s toxic by-products,” explained Powell.

The drug helps counteract the effects of alcohol on the brain, thereby eliminating the feeling of a hangover all together. After close examination, it was discovered that Powell’s hangover pill contains essential vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that promote liver function, antioxidant activity, and a replenishment of the vitamins lost during drinking.

“These ingredients lessen the stress and damage alcohol can have on your body and brain.”

This drug contains B, C and E vitamins needed for energy and immune defence; milk thistle – a powerful liver antioxidant; prickly pear extract – which defends the cells of the brain and body and electrolytes – essential for hydration,” according to reports by the Huffington Post.



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