Strathmore University signs cooperation pact with tech giant EMC2

Strathmore University and global firm EMC2, the Massachusetts headquartered data storage, information security and cloud computing giant, have announced signing of a cooperation partnership that will see the two bodies collaborate and EMC2 actively share knowhow, tools and resources with the Strathmore.

Dr. Joseph Sevilla Strathmore University’s Dir­ector of the @iLabAfrica Research Centre and  Said Rechchad, EMC’s Gen­eral Man­ager, South and East Africa signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two institutions, said the development would further advance Strathmore University’s training edge in cloud computing, information security technology and data science in Sub Saharan Africa.

“EMC2 has noted the high accomplishment by Strathmore University in delivering peerless technology and innovation training. We have committed to deliver to them access to training resources and information in data storage, information security and cloud computing to help them impart most recent skills to their students, to help meet international IT skills demand in the region,” said Rechchad.

Under the agreement, Strathmore University’s @ iLabAfrica Research Centre will access tools for big data analytics, information on data storage management and the latest research and training materials from EMC2 on cloud infrastructure and Data Science. The University said it would use these to introduce new courses aided by an access to the EMC2’s VMWare IT Academy.

“This is an important milestone for us at Strathmore University and @iLabAfrica IT Research Centre as it will help our students draw benefit from the VMWare IT Academy, in line with our vision of providing the latest of global technology tools and peerless training here in Africa,” said Dr. Sevilla.

Strathmore was recently also recognized by President Uhuru Kenyatta when it hosted the launch of the global entrepreneurship Summit GES2015 on June 9th 2015 for its strict ethics training. The GES2015 Kenya launch preceded the main Summit which will be presided by US President, Barack Obama next week.

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