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Strathmore student creates app for revellers

Brian osoro
App developer, Brian Osoro, a third year BSc. Informatics student at Strathmore

The number of people in Kenya using mobile devices running on the Android platform is on the rise. The mobile age is slowly starting to take shape and today’s user is more inclined to embrace applications that can run on mobile devices. Brian Osoro, a third year BSc. Informatics student at Strathmore felt there was a need to bridge the information gap that existed between people who want to party around town and entertainment spots.


“Ravecompass was a result of me realizing the huge gap between event organizers and event enthusiasts. People want to go to events which tend to suite their liking. Making this available to them at the touch of their phone makes it easier for them to make a prudent choice. The organizers on the other hand want the events to get publicity. They do this by printing posters and use social media. Not all people who walk on the street are able to see the posters of the event and also not all people on social media are able to see the event posting. One has to follow (on twitter) an event organizer for them to see the latest updates about them and also social media has a whole host of information and before one get to the event posting seems almost impossible,” says Brian.


Since people like specificity, in terms of services that solve problems, event awareness is the problem which Ravecompass is meant to solve. Ravecompass offers a selection of event categories to the users such as nightlife clubbing, festivals, conferences and other occasional functions. This enables users to easily access the information they are looking for from the convenience of their phone.

“The major challenge that I face is the publicity required for both organizers and event enthusiasts. I have come up with various marketing strategies that require funds in order to execute. Another challenge is making the application to be cross platform. It only runs on Android now but with the emergence of Windows phone as a major player, there will be need for its incorporation.”

Brian believes Ravecompass has one of the best user interface and experience among Kenyan Apps. The design and implementation borrows a lot from the international standards. He aims to give the best experience to every user in terms of up-to date event listing. Currently the app has a rating of 5/5 at the Google play store among the 10 users who managed to make a review.

His goals are to popularize the app and make it a favorite among event organizers and enthusiasts. He aims to make event listing to be more relevant basing on the users locality.

Link to the app on Google play.


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