Strathmore Establishes Renewable Energy Powered Facilities

Strathmore University is set to begin the installation of the photovoltaic solar system. Securing funding and technical assistance from SUNREF installation is set to be soon underway. To reduce its fossil energy consumption and to cut down on energy costs, Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) installed a 0.6 MW rooftop solar photovoltaic plant to cater for energy needs in the university. Now a carbon neutral university, Strathmore has reduced its energy costs and has made strides in training technicians in the installation of solar systems under the guidance of SUNREF East Africa.

I line with Kenya’s Vision 2030 for scaling up the renewable energy plan, Strathmore could be the first university to go green, reducing its electricity consumption and instead export its excess electricity to the national grid.  The photovoltaic solar plant is now used as a live laboratory to train skilled technicians to design, install and maintain solar and energy efficiency installations.

“Today, more than two years since commissioning we have received so many visitors who are ready to take up this bright journey and help reduce carbon emission and the consequent global warming. This is certainly a successful story and a great model for many in this region,” Prof. Izael Da Silva – DVC .

For more details on the project visit the Strathmore University website.

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