Strathmore Chess Club Launches Chess Game in Kitui


A team of 12 Strathmore University Chess Club students visited a number of schools in Kitui County to donate chess games and provide training about the game. This was done under the Chess in Schools Initiative, that was led by the 3rd former captain Toni Sembei and current captain Mark Nyairo.

Through Proxy Chess House who philanthropically donated 16 chess boards towards this initiative, Kitui Catholic Diocese who helped connect the team with four schools in the county and, the support of the different schools for hosting the team, the initiative would easily be dubbed a success in the county.

Kitui students in chess training.

Captain Nyairo promised to make Chess in Schools a key part of the club’s annual activities. This is with an effort to support the Kenya chess community’s endeavor to grow and overcome barriers that previously prevented the growth of the game, and educating people on the importance of chess; not just as a game but as a tool that children as well as adults can learn and apply in life.

Chess builds the art of patience, careful planning and decision making, and the power of team work which is fundamental to interpersonal growth.

The schools visited and trained in Kitui County included;

St. Charles Lwanga; 35 students were trained
St. St. Ursula Girls; 65 students were trained
St. Angela’s Girls; 63 students were trained
St. Thomas Aquinas Kalawa; 60 students were trained

Cumulatively more than 200 students were trained about the game, while preliminary set-ups of chess clubs were made. Chess boards and chess study materials were also donated to each schools.

This article was previously posted on the Strathmore University site.



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