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Straight outta of memes: 10 of the best


Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated return to hip-hop has begun with much hype. Considered one of the legends of Hip-Hop as a member of the group N.W.A, his influence in Hip Hop inspired generations of musicians and with his return, he has sparked off (intentional or otherwise) one of the best digital viral strategies of an album in recent times. The straightouttasomewhere.com meme creator rapidly spread across the web sphere with a slew of memes that are not only funny but a true depiction of pop culture today.

Here are a couple of the interweb’s funniest memes, straight outta the internet:

There was a meme or too commenting on recent HipHop beef:


And of course, some shade was thrown.


Even sports personalities fell victim to these memes


Bill Cosby did not escape untouched.


And Kenyans even got in on it



But there is only one who is truly Straight Outta Compton




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