#StereoFresh: Rapper G-Boy collabos with Zambian act Jay-Scanner


Music is a universal language that brings people together. This is true even in the case of the fast-rising Kenyan rapper G-Boy. Hw recently collaborated with Zambian star Jay-Scanner in a new song titled ‘Never Back Down’ a distinctly East-meets-South kind of collaboration.

The song has fresh vibes carrying an important message of perseverance. This is timely considering the challenges Kenyan youth are facing.  G-Boy spoke to Capital Campus about the recent collaboration saying, “Jay Scanner is in Zambia and I’m in Kenya but you know music is universal. His team reached out to me and asked if I was open to working with one of the biggest acts in Zambia, which I was. So we got down to business. Accepting the collaboration was a means of taking our music international, which I can confidently say I have achieved to a certain level.”

The song has been getting massive airplay in the Southern Africa region since its release, much to the delight of the duo. The twosome hope to release the video soon, as they are still in the process of working out the logistics considering the geographical distance.

Check out the audio version here.




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