#StereoFresh: Public Holiday synthesize afro-beat and EDM for the perfect sound


Public Holiday is a Kenyan group who are not afraid of a bit of experimentation.

New to the game, the group of four are known for their unique take to club music, redefining the contemporary East African sound. The group is compromised of Williamz, Sir M, FireOneSam, Liselo. Meshing electric dance music with an afrobeat edge, they sound is a sensory experience that very few have discovered. Nonetheless, their original arrangements and covers deliver quite the punch, with a particularly fresh sound.

The quarter only has 185 subscribers on YouTube, and 167 followers on Instagram. Clearly, these talented individuals do not get the credit they deserve, but I guess its never too late. Right? Their latest release “Hey Sarah” was released in early April 2018, however, their original track “Hela” has proved to be a fan favorite, and a must-add to the penultimate Kenyan playlist. You’re welcome.




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