#StereoFresh: MOJO Black Magic’s “Haunted” EP release is spell binding


Sweden-based Kenyan Afropop rapper and producer Black Magic has released his first Afropop EP in Kenya.

The EP, named One Touch includes five audio tracks One Touch, Magnet, Destiny, Delilah, and Blessings. A pioneer of afrochant, MOJO Black Magic also incorporates hip-hop into his music. Inspired by African artists like Mzee Ngala, Fela Kuti, and Dr. Fadhili Williams. Speaking on his unique style of delivery he says, “I don’t sing, I chant.” Not afraid to explore different genres in his most recent releases that incorporate that hip-hop flair is “Plug Em” and “Haunted”.

A medical nurse by day, MOJO also produces music and runs a record label in Sweden. Black Magic chose to express his own story through this music. This leaves the distinct mark of relatability and truth, as one way or another we can all relate to his experiences. The EP is a mix of African, Carribean, and Dancehall sound with Trap and Hip-hop influences. The EP has been released to all major music stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Shazam, and Deezer, available for purchase since 1st June 2018.

“This is the kind of music you jam to, love to and dance to,” says Max Wanjohi, a Kenyan listener from the U.S, “It’s good vibes all through, it makes you feel good about your own story. I would recommend it to everyone. They need to hear this.”



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