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#StereoFresh: Daisy Ndede offers up electro neosoul with “Honey”


Young, fresh and determined Daisy Ndede is a young lass with lots of talent.

The Nairobi-based songbird has three tracks available on Soundcloud and is working on putting out more music with the year. Daisy has an uplifting quality to her music. A listen to the track “Honey” gives the feeling of waking up to on a Sunday morning to a room filled with sunshine, enjoying a cup of tea and toast dripping in honey. Explain the inspiration behind the track “Honey,” Daisy reveals the track influenced by the feeling of being in love. Versatile, Ndede does well to present her artistic expression in her music, without feeling bound by current musical trends. Writing her own lyrics, Daisy proves she has beauty and brains.

Daisy is definitely one to watch.

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