#StereoFresh: Ciara’s comeback is on 100% while Karun catches a vibe with Blinky Bill

Atlanta’s Princess of Crunk is back. Ciara is making a comeback and she is making sure to level up. The track is her first release since 2015.

During her 3 year hiatus, Ciara married American football superstar Russell Wilson and gave birth to a second child.  Eager to reclaim her place as Atlanta’s finest pop and RnB act, ‘Cece’ is ready to slay all competition. With a new album in the works, she wants to remind fans why she has sold over 24 million records worldwide.

Karun Mungai has had quiet the journey as a member of Camp Mulla and a solo artist. It has always been apparent that Karun was destined for greater things. Taking time out to attend university and have a child, Karun is all grown up and it shows. From doing covers while in uni, to a major comeback onstage after returning to Kenya, she’s keen to keep writing her own story. Her newly acquired wealth of musical experience and exposure have only made her music that much more soulful. Her latest track with Blinky Bill is a vibe, that transcends this plane.

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