Steps Every Young Professional Can Take To Climb Up The Career Ladder


They say that your network is your net worth. The people that you surround yourself with professionally have a say on how your career or business pans out. Many jobs and business opportunities are awarded based on recommendations and referrals from other people. We all have that list of people who specialize in various trades. Within your network, you might have an accountant, a lawyer, an I.T guy or even people in the same profession as you. This network results into a mutually beneficial relationship to all parties involved.


Outlined below are a few steps a young professional should take to build or improve their networks:


1.Attend Events In Your Field Of Specialization

Attending events in your area of specialization helps you to interact with professionals with more experience than you. Learning from their mistakes and experience, you could easily make your climb up the corporate ladder much faster. If you are given a task like a presentation, give it your best because you never know who might be in the audience.


2.Satisfy Your Clients

Satisfied clients will always come back. Let your work speak for itself. Referrals are the best way to grow a business or a career and boost your network.


3.Have A LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a networking site that lets you connect with other professionals in and out of your field. Your profile must outline what you do and other relevant skills. It is the perfect platform to network as you get to share experiences from other professionals from around the world.



We acquire skills because we intend to receive monetary gain from these skills. Volunteering might not be an easy thing to do because of the cost of living today but in the long run it could boost your career. Volunteering in your field helps you to build a network that boasts of other professionals apart from those in your field. It also helps you to acquire skills that you will need in future paying jobs.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Collins Pasi.



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