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St. Paul’s Gala Night


‘Different Cultures, one Identity’ – St Paul’s University Cultural week: 29th Oct- 3rd Nov.


The cultural week, the most anticipated event in the students’ calendar has officially kicked off in all the campuses.


The week is filled with a ray of events as follows:


Monday: Official opening of the week by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Galgalo.


Tuesday: The International Students’ to showcase their cultures through food, dance and music.


Wednesday: Talent Day- For all students to show case their different talents which include performances of skits, songs, dances, fashion show and much more.


Thursday: Cultural day- Different cultures show case their clothing, dance and food.


Friday: Creative and Crazy Wear Day- A day for students to show case their creativity through various ways.


Saturday: Gala night; Mr. & Miss St. Paul’s University happening at Main Campus, Limuru.


The event sends excitement around the campus and its environs and this year’s will witness pomp and colour as students showcase their creative side.


The gala night will see various artists perform including MOG, Chris eeh Baba, Kelele Takatifu, DJ Mo and Zionist Dancers will perform. The theme of the event is ‘Different Cultures, One Identity’.

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