Spotting the sly gold digger


girl cash

In campus, gold digging is a never ending trend. Just like a good tax system, a sly gold digger has perfected the art of efficiency. Like a well-managed economic system that makes people pay taxes faithfully, a sly gold digger will milk your money without you knowledge but the effect will be evident.

A gold digger is a partner who demands financial benefits from the other partner.  In another approach, she might not demand but she will at least make it clear that it’s your duty to provide financial benefits. So what makes a sly gold digger?


A sly gold digger will make you love her and when she needs money she will use simple things. As a man, you will find these things reasonable hence you will provide without second thoughts. The element of gold digging is brought out in the redundancy in requests for little amounts of money. For example, money for salon two times a week.


Her demands for money are based on well-founded principles that need no justification. She doesn’t come up with extraordinary demands that will make you question her integrity. She won’t ask you for money to take a coastal vacation but she sure will ask you for money to but an expensive thing that you once used to impress her with.


If need be, she will revise her demand structure to suit the current structure of your economic status. She won’t ask for too much money when you are broke but she will ask for too much money when you are well off. By doing this, she manages to keep you in a steady state.


A sly gold digger won’t ask you for money at a time when she knows you are stressed out or having financial difficulties. She always knows when the time is right; when you are happy especially when she has made your happy. When she knows you really need her company or something from her, she won’t hesitate to sweet talk you into cashing out. Through this strategy, she operates under the radar of suspicion.


Since she is already sly, it will come as no surprise that she has options. She doesn’t depend on you alone for financial support. Other guys might also be in the picture. The little amount she deducts from each guy on her radar sums up to a lot of money. As a guy, you are content believing that the lady isn’t expensive to maintain at all, yet in truth she is. She just handles it her way.



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