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SONU official accused of corruption, students demand his arrest

John Victor Ouko aka Stitchez

A student leader at the University of Nairobi has been accused of embezzling Ksh200,000 allocated to the Sports department he heads at the Student Organization of Nairobi University (SONU).

John Victor Ouko or Stitchez as he is known at UoN, has been asked to account for the money by the SONU Chairman, DMK. Stitchez has also been accused of taking female students to his room, making them drunk and then sleeping with them.

On Tuesday, students stormed Stichez room and made away with everything as a way of punishing him.

A letter written by SONU Chairman to the beleaguered official titled ‘The Letter of Reprimand”, read in part;

‘I hereby refer to the  would be event dubbed TRIBE KENYA (Module 1 and 2); that was slated for the 28th of July, 2012. You received Ksh.45,000 from each of the seven campuses of the University of Nairobi, amounting to Ksh.315, 000; towards the same. The main goal of the event was to foster unity among students and offer them a chance to showcase their talent.

‘However, there was glaring and deliberate unwillingness on your part towards a transparent realization of the same, and this was clearly observable once you got the entire sum. The students began to demand for transparency in the organization and execution of the project, but you seemed to have ignored them. Be reminded that students are keener than ever. You made a formal requisition for security for the event at Taifa Hall, from the Chief Security Officer, allegedly to hoodwink the comrades.’

‘Furthermore, you went ahead and held a mock event at the Chancellors Court. To the best of our knowledge, this event was FULLY funded by COCA COLA as part of its promotion initiatives. Moreover, you had an illicit chance of selling to comrades, drinks at exorbitant prizes, yet the budget catered for the refreshments. What level of impunity is this? It’s untenable and you must take responsibility… Your behavior has brewed the wrath of students and I back them in demanding for accountability from your person and office’.

The incident has brought about heated debate within the student community with most regretting cursing why they voted for him.

On Facebook, a student by the name Ndiema Steven said, ‘yes…if you commit a crime then be ready for the consequences. By now Stitchez should be rotting in industrial area remand prison.’


The Chairman issued his orders, and in part the letter reads;

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