Songs That Proved February Was Indeed The Month Of Love


To lovers, the month of February is the ultimate month to celebrate the love shared and make new memories of the day set aside for the glorification of love, Valentines Day.

Though most years it seems that Valentines is usually just a day, with more marketing and effort put to the build up to the day, it seems 2017 saw great output for music’ s best to ensure February was indeed the month of love. Here are a few of the best love songs of the month thus far:


1.Ed Sheeran: How Would You Feel (Paean)

Due to release his full album within the year, Ed Sheeran continues to tease fans with new hits every few weeks. His new track “How Would You Feel” was recently released much to the delight of his fans. Heartfelt lyrics and a powerful voice to boot, Ed Sheeran could do no wrong.


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2.Omarion: Distance

Known to many as a child star, Omarion has evolved and shares his new found independence in his new grown and sexy tracks including his new track “Distance.” Staged in the African hillside of South Africa, Omarion finds love with an African girl and much more. The track is sultry, with strong African beats that could have anyone dancing along. The track comes from his upcoming album “Reasons” to be released within the year which will include songs such as “Body On Me” and more.



3. Trey Songz: Nobody Else But You

The new track released off his upcoming album “Tremaine The Playboy” features Trey Songz with a bevy of young women. Though the plot may not be new, the lyrics to the track chronicle the perfect approach any man can take to apologize for his actions and seek reconciliation. Trey Songz delivers easy beats and sensual melodies, a winning blueprint for a love song.



4. Davido: If

West African cool kid Davido slows things down for his new track “If.” In a song dedicated to his love, he lists the extravagant gestures he would do for her including adorning her in Gucci apparel and taking her on exotic trips. The video is simple while the beats are light accompanied by a dreamy tempo that calls lovers to each other. A completely new direction for Davido, this track might just be the one to redeem of his past musical misfires.




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