Social Media Making Us Less Social


It may seem alarmist but social media is literally taking over our lives.


There is this persistent urge to Facebook, tweet, Snap and Instagram our daily moves in an attempt to express our identity to the world and make ourselves feel valued. Unfortunately showing that in today’s day and age we have become obsessed with virtual reality.
All social media users have been there, the moment when we check our notifications and sigh in disappointment when we haven’t got enough likes on our profile picture.  Frantically checking our Instagram notifications every three seconds hoping we’ve received one more like on our latest photo update. Can a ‘like’ really represent popularity and how others perceive you?


One of the biggest problems is that social media has become so easily accessible, we are surrounded by technology on a daily basis allowing us to inform everyone of our current activities through the touch of a button; further deepening our obsession. We are glued to our screens 24/7 and cannot bear to tear ourselves away from our precious phones.


It seems so odd that taking a selfie and desperately analyzing which filter makes us look most attractive, is more important than actually spending time with others. Social activities really are becoming less and less ‘social’ by the minute. Social media merely gives us the opportunity to portray the reality we wish others to see. It’s time we stop spending so much time trying to make our lives look perfect and start focusing on living in the moment.


Being continuously bombarded with everyone else life updates, only causes us to get jealous, excessively compare ourselves to others and ultimately over-evaluate our lives. Social media can be a positive medium, especially as a way of connecting and sharing with family and friends, however when it begins to rule our lives and daily activities, that’s going one step too far. It’s sad to think this is what the world has come to.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent by Brian Mugo Waweru.



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