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Social media clubs to help Uni students network


SocialPRO Clubs aims to ease content sharing and networking amongst Kenyan varsity students and faculty by harnessing the power of social media. SocialPRO Clubs, an initiative of Social Edge Africa, will launch on 11th October, 2012 at the University of Nairobi.

The pilot phase will thereafter roll out to Strathmore University, Multimedia University, Kenyatta Uni and USIU in October and November.


According to 24 year old Muthuri Kinyamu, founder Social Edge Africa, lack of information or difficulty in accessing it has stiffled innovation in universities. SocialPro clubs will bridge that gap by making information available, provide a platform (both online and offline)for exchange of ideas and to share opportunities among university students thus boost collaboration.


Kinyamu, who is waiting to graduate from UoN, says the clubs will help university students share and crystallize their ideas and also find market and funding for commercially viable ideas.


“University students are heavy users of social media and are probably the single biggest market for products and services”


“These clubs will enhance collaboration, exchange of ideas among the students and the industry and nurture creativity because students will be exposed to the limitless possibilities online.”

“The core objective of these clubs is to teach, educate students, create awareness and impart knowledge and skills on social media,” adds Kinyamu.


Social Edge has partnered with the Ministry of Information and Technology, Nairobi Hub, Kuza Biashara and University of Nairobi at this initial stage of SocialPRO clubs.


“We want to create the interest at the university level in the pilot phase between October and December in the five universities. As we do the pilot phase, interested students can form an informal SocialPro club at their university, then we shall approach their university administration with a request of establishing a social media club in the university,” explains Kinyamu.


Kinyamu is keen on seeing Uni students explore their potential and dreams just as he did when he founded Social Edge Africa while still at University of Nairobi earlier this year.


“I discovered my passion wasn’t finance and accounting. I quit my ACCA classes to concentrate on my love for brand management and strategy,” he says.


Kinyamu’s start-up operates of Nairobi Hub in Kileleshwa as a social media consultancy firm with a 12-member team consisting of graphic designers, coder, video producers, marketers and communication graduates.


SocialPRO is already thinking regional for its future plans.


“Already, a group of students in Rwanda want to work with us in introducing the concept there,” says Kinyamu.


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