So you want to be a Reflexologist? This is what you need to know

susan muraya-mti
Susan Muraya, beautician and reflexologist

Good health seems to be the guiding maxim of Ms Susan Muraya, a beautician and lecturer at Mountain Top Institute (a beauty college, salon and spa), Nyeri. The beautiful, confident beautician is one of the few accredited reflexologist in the country.

She defines reflexology as simply the massage of the feet. Susan says that the art of reflexology apportions the feet into different reflexes that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.

“We basically correspond the feet to the body and thus each and every part of the body can be massaged by applying pressure on these areas of the feet without the use of tools, creams or lotions,” she elaborates.

As a reflexologist one has to understand the intricate nature of the sole of feet, muscles of the whole body and also the art of massaging the feet. Ms Muraya points out that reflexology helps the client by making the body feel relaxed, improve blood circulation, helps those who are sensitive about their nudity and relief tension.

“The massage also eases stress and depression, improves digestive system, has therauptic effect when scented oil is used, ease foot discomfort and also helps promote the natural functioning of related areas of the body,” expounds Susan.

“There are different job outlets that one can work as a career reflexologist” she adds. Apart from lecturing about reflexology, one can also work as a beautician in a salon, offer massage services in a hotel spa or gym and also give consultancy services.

The career is very fulfilling according to her.

“As a reflexology practitioner in a spa or gym, you are offered very lucrative salaries since it’s the best hotels that provide such services,” she offers. She is however quick to add that the massage services are spreading to other less-classy hotels and spas, making it affordable to most Kenyans.


She assures those who would want to pursue it as a career that it is fulfilling adding that there are a number of colleges that offer reflexology as a diploma course. They include Mountain top Institute, Vera Beauty College, Ashley’s and Timeless Beauty institute.

For one to be a qualified reflexologist one needs to have at least a Diploma accreditation.

“Unfortunately we don’t have a local university offering reflexology as a degree course,” says Susan. “After doing my bachelors (in different degree) I had to go back to college and do a reflexology diploma.”

She earned her diploma from Personal Care institute, Nairobi. She was also mentored by celebrated beauty guru and author Irene Njoroge who has authored “Cosmetology essentials text book for East Africa”