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Smart Board replacing the traditional black board



The chalk and black board business is under threat thanks to a new technology known as smart board. The smart board is a new technology in Kenya that takes education and teaching to a whole a new level with interactive specs.   Dr N.Twoli, Head of CommTech Department at Kenyatta University, explains that a smart-board is a technologically induced writing board to be used in lecture theatres.

“The smart boards, which are touch screen, have features such as virtual eraser. stamper, full geometry tools, diagram generators, and an inbuilt projector,” Dr Twoli says.

A lecturer needs a magnetic pen, which is specifically made for these smart boards, in order to write on them. “The university (KU) is first piloting the project in the CommTech department and then they will be rolled down to all the other departments. The initial target is Masters students initially. They will start using them in lectures from 13th June 5, 2013

“We are the first Public University in East and central Africa to invest in this technology which we believe is good for our students and lecturers,”claims Dr N.Twoli.  “Technology is becoming an integral component of higher education. We are doing away with chalks and felt-pens“

The whole package of the smartboard including the software retails at Ksh350,000.


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