Signs You’re Dating A Metro Sexual


Ladies, have you ever gone to sleep at your boyfriend’s place and in the morning, when you walked to his bathroom, you found some exfoliating cream on his bathroom counter as well as some hair spray?
I bet, the first reaction that would engulf your mind, would be that he is perhaps cheating on you, right? Or, that he has some feminine tendencies. Well, this may not always be the case, chances are you could be dating a guy who is metro-sexual.

Here are some signs that you are dating a metrosexual:

1. He criticizes your dressing
Let’s assume you two decide to go out, you wear a rather casual dress because you have become so acquainted with him and comfortable around him. However, as you unveil your outfit to him, he is unimpressed with the pairing of the shoes. It’s obviously, not a surprise to you that he is quick to point out your lack of fashion sense, because you shrugged it off when you were pairing those wedges with those jeans, in your head it was a no, or too casual, but you ignored that urge to go the extra mile and dress properly but he corrected it? Well, that’s but one sign.

2. He is always first on the dance floor
Well, most guys are never the first to go out and show their moves on the dance floor. If anything, they would rather watch others.

3. He often admires himself in the mirror
Ladies, does your man like to stare in the mirror at himself for about four minutes after he steps out of the shower? As he admires himself, is he intently checking his hair and dousing it with tons of hair spray and gel, while looking at his side burns? Well, chances are that he is a man who cares about his appearance.

4. He is particular about house chores
Most guys really won’t mind, as long as they see a mop pass over the floor, the swipe of a rug along the window seal, a neat kitchen, and bedroom, they will be good to go. However, if your boyfriend will overly criticize you for missing a spot, well, he could be a metro sexual.

5. He loves to get dressed up
When he puts on a suit, he could easily be mistaken for a male model, pink shirts don’t irk him at all, in fact, he has several in his closet. His cologne Giorgio Armani or Prada often lingers on your clothes for days once you hug him, then he is definitely a metrosexual.

6. He enjoys getting groomed
If he often gets a manicure and pedicure on a monthly basis and enjoys tweezing his eyebrows, he is metrosexual. No man likes to get manicures and pedicures that often, most men prefer doing manicures twice a year, if not once.

However, with all that said, let’s agree that dating a metrosexual man will often leave your girlfriends jealous, as he is the ultimate definition of dapper! So smile, if you are dating one.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Michelle Njeri.



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