Shaquille O’Neal Hits Back At Big Shaq

7feet tall, retired basketball player Shaquille O’Neal’s legacy towers over British comedian Big Shaq.

The two public figures have had their differences play out in the public with Shaquille taking offense to the roadman Shaq using the same name. The duo, both rappers took to the booth to spit bars defending their stance and in the hopes of proving who is the real “Big Shaq.”

Known for his viral track “Man’s Not Hot” 26-year-old British born comedian Micheal Dapaah, continues to makes headlines for his potrayal of Grime MC Big Shaq. With an increase in popularity, Big Shaq has not shied away from going head to head with the legendary O’Neal. Featuring on the Bleacher Report, British MC Big Shaq titled the ongoing beef as “a fight between David and Goliath”. The character went to spit some killer rhymes in his diss track that went live on the 26th of October 2017. The hilarious bars included some interesting subject matter where he cautioned Shaq  saying, “that Shaq is expired, your career is over… there is a new man in town.”

Shaquille O’Neal a three-time NBA Most Valuable Player and Olympian, the baller hit back at the roadman with an early upload on Instagram. Releasing a heavy diss track a few days after Brit Big Mac, O’Neal had some fighting words to share with the rapper who is new to fame.

The disstrack is not his first attempt at rapping, releasing a track in 1993 “I Know I Got Skillz”. Nonetheless, it can be said that O’Neal better showed off his lyrical abilities in the more early October release that featured a collaboration with Toronto MC ShaqIsDope. For the time being, it seems that the two will continue dueling, until we discover who is the real Shaq.

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