Sh40mn to build 60 technical training institutes across Kenya


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The government is set invest Sh40 million to build 60 new technical training institutes across the country in order to equip Kenyans with the necessary skills for development.

Speaking while launching the Keroche Foundation, Deputy President William Ruto says another Sh10million will be sourced from the respective Members of Parliament where the new facilities will be put up.

Ruto says this will help drive Vision 2030 and its implementation.

“We want to develop youth expertise and skills necessary for the achievement of the Vision 2030. We want to have manpower skills and competence to tap the talent of the young people to drive the economy,” said Ruto.

The Deputy President said the government will also increase by 50 percent, funds meant for free primary education in the coming financial year, saying the move will help as many students as possible enrol in schools.

“The Government will also increase the allocation of funds for free secondary education by 33 percent in the next financial year,” said Ruto. He explained that the Government will partner with the private sector in the program which aims to bring together students from all the ethnic communities to visit different parts of the country and preach peace and reconciliation among Kenyans.

The Deputy President said the first group of volunteer mentorship of more than 5,000 students will start their peace mission beginning September this year.

“The first group of students under this mentorship programme will start their peace mission in different parts of the country from September this year for a period of between six to nine months,” said Ruto.

The Keroche Foundation is aimed at mentoring young people unlock their potential and become successful entrepreneurs.

Keroche Breweries Chief Executive Officer Tabitha Karanja says the foundation will invest Sh50 million in mentorship programs and bringing up young businesses to help them succeed.

“We will be involved in training selected young entrepreneurs in a four week mentorship program will also finance three entrepreneurs every year, to see their business become successful, “she said.



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