Sexually liberated or loose? Depends on gender


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Much as we all proudly proclaim to be a digital generation living in the 21st century, somewhere deep in the societal heart, the belief that women are the weaker sex is still inept. Yes, the constitution has really done a lot to protect the woman; yes we can vote and we have equal opportunities in the job market as men. But when it comes to the sexuality issue, suddenly, the woman is supposed to be symbol of submissiveness and an icon of morality.

Since birth, a woman is taught to conserve her “flower” only for her husband. The fruit should only be picked once it’s ripe i.e on your marital bed. And the notion that sex is a gift to your husband alone is the most twisted and disturbing notion. What about those women who simply do not want to become married? Aren’t they deserving of the Big O that is their right owing to the mere fact that they possess vaginas?

The ‘whore’ label is brandished onto a sexually liberated women. Since when did sexual liberation and prostitution becomes mutually interchangeable? Why do we crucify women for choosing to satisfy their sexual needs??

A man can sleep around with the entire populace if he so desires, but society never points fingers. Never judges. It is ok, he is a man with needs after all. So what?? Don’t women have needs too?? This level of lopsided discrimination is disgusting to say the least.

Women who’ve decided to pursue careers and businesses at the expense of marriage are again termed as ‘prostitutes’ or are insinuated to have ‘slept their way to the top’ . Similarly, single mothers who’ve decided to raise their kids without a man are given the loathful name. According to society, there is something wrong with an unmarried woman. So who told these poeple that all women want is to belong to a certain man?? I bet the fact that sexually liberated women are aware of their rights scares the hell out of the men in our generation because they know exactly what they want. The role of a woman is not to please a man but to be pleased as well.

Don’t let the society(read men) dictate on how you use it nor let the guilt of ‘fornication’ ostracize you. It is your vagina and it should make you happy. You alone can call the shots and no amounts of being called ‘hoe’ will make you any less of a woman. You don’t owe anyone anything.

And if the notion if sexual purity also gratifies you, then keep pure and stay pristine. Again, you call the shots, the vagina is yours. And the next time before you call another woman “loose” for exploring her sexual side,  remember that it is her vagina and perhaps you are a little bitter that someone else was bold enough to express herself in a manner that you your guts couldn’t.

That said, i will have sex when I want. Embrace your womanhood today.Liberate yourself.

NB//: Always Use Protection



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