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Series: 10 questions for the under 35yr manager – Nyawira Kibuga


Every week, we talk to young managers in different sectors. They share with us their success tips, ethics and values, obsessions and peeves.

This week’s manager is Nyawira Kibuga, Media Director – Oglivy Africa.



1. What did you study in Campus? Undergraduate and/or postgraduate? Which uni did you attend?

USIU-A. Bachelor in Finance and Management

2. Do you find the relevance of what you studied in your current position?

Crunching Numbers is extremely relevant in my current position. But everything else really doesn’t apply

3. What was your first job and what did it involve?

I worked for Impulse Limited as a project assistant. The company is involved in Below the Line advertising and I was charged with following up on merchandisers and carrying out on ground promotions.

4. How did you rise to be a manager?

Perseverance was extremely key, Hard work and dedication.

5. What personal traits and characteristics did you have to develop in your career path?

Open mindedness, self-control, Accountability, Directness, Diligence, Responsibility

6. What do you do to ensure a healthy work-life balance?

This has been and is a problem to date. Unfortunately clients can be very demanding and our contracts are open ended (clients’ needs comes first always). I try to ensure that I do not need to work on weekends and past 6pm daily. I organize my workload in such a way that nothing major is ever pending past 4:30

7. What are some of the challenges you have faced in the corporate world?

Company Politics… Am not big on keeping with the “it” crowd or playing office politics, Personality Clashes, motivation and productivity

8. Any peeves and obsessions?

Obsessions – Cartoons 🙂 Peeves – People that stand too close behind you in lines so if you move back an inch you bump into them & Liars and the lying lies they tell

9. A word of advice to guys in Campo?

Enjoy the freedom and the randomness. Once you start working from eight to five. It’s all gone and you get stuck in a routine. However much you shall love your job, you will always yearn for the freedom that was

10. Craziest or best decision you have made in campus or even after campus?

Best Decision – Decided to go to India with a few friends for an international AIESEC conference for almost 2 weeks. Fundraised like crazy and had a life changing experience. The trip laid the foundation for who I am today



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