Selfies dos & don’t



The selfie is now as good as a business card; it is officially your introduction to the world. So, with so much importance attached to the selfie, why not learn how to take the best selfie. Here are a few dos and don’ts that will help you capture yourself in the best way possible.

First, always pick the best lighting. This is essential to because it makes sure you do not appear darker than you actually are. So ensure you are facing the sun, with the light shining onto your face. You could also use the light in the bathroom, which is quiet luminescent and is perfect for a selfie.

Smile. This is an indication of how much fun you are having. A smile is inviting and lets your personality shine through. I would also advise that you do make sure you look good. Nothing lets down a picture like being badly dressed. Keep it simple and classy, you never know who might end up looking at that selfie.

Ensure that as you take the selfie, make good use of all the editing tools that are available to you.  The use of filters can make a dramatic difference to your selfie. Do not be afraid to crop those photo bombers out of your photograph.

It is important that you do check your background before you take a selfie. The moment may be the reason why you are taking a selfies but if there is an overflowing dustbin in the background, it beats the purpose. Double check that the background is appropriate before you attempt to take a selfie.

It is vital that you do not overuse hastags. This bores others on social media, it is advisable that you should only use hashtags that directly correlate with the photograph taken. One should appreciate that less is more, so do not use more than 5 hashtags.

Finally, do not take any sexy selfies. Provocative pictures can land you in loads of trouble. Many celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and many more have had their private pictures leaked. I can assure you that the embarrassment is not worth the instant gratification. So be yourself, because if you let your personality shine through and your selfies will always be great.




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