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Scientists discover 15,000 year old Mammoth carcass with blood

wooly mammoth
The now extinct Mammoth was in the same genetic family as the elephant

Russians scientist and have discovered the carcass of a woolly mammoth that still had blood in it.  The carcass of the prehistoric creature is by far one of the most important ones of its kind.  The corpse is said to be about 10,000-15,000 years old.


Remains of mammoths have been found before but this recent discovery is far greater than the rest.  The female mammoth was about 60 years old when she died.  The lower half of her body ended up in water at the time of her death and eventually froze.


The ice is what preserved the beast so well. “When we broke the ice beneath her stomach, the blood flowed out from there, it was very dark,” Grigoryev, who is a scientist at the Yakutsk-based Northeastern Federal University, told AFP.


The researchers collected samples of the animal’s blood in test tubes with a special preservative agent. The dark blood was found in ice cavities below the belly of the animal. Surprisingly, when the researchers broke the cavities with a poll pick, the blood came flowing out. Temperatures at the time of excavations were only 10 degrees below zero Centigrade.


The location of the remains is currently kept secret from the rest of the world by the Russian scientists.  However it is expected that specialists from Russia, United States and South Korea will be involved in studying the creature in the coming months.

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