School Boys Take Fashion Risks To Protest Uniform Regulations


In Isca Academy in Exeter England, school boys sought change in long-held uniform regulations.


The school uniform regulations which do not provide options for the boys who have recently had to contend with the summer’s heat, led the students to protest the unaccommodative rules. The Exeter boys shared that after an incident in class where a fellow student was scolded for wearing a pair of shorts to school, a teacher jokingly suggested that students should wear skirts instead. According to a school regulations shared on Huffington Post Young Voices, “male students must wear trousers, while female students are allowed to choose between grey trousers or a tartan skirt.”


With the heat reaching 34 degrees its highest in 40 years, the students protest was supported by parents and fellow female students alike. However, as the debates on gender nuetral uniforms continue to heat up, the key objective should be ensuring students are comfortable enough to learn.




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