Scared Of Public Speaking? 4 Simple ways to wow an audience


Make your idea simple

When you are about to make a presentation, think about your audience as a baby. How would you communicate to a small child? Now, simplify the message you are giving without watering down the content. Try and simplify it as much as possible. If you have to use statistics, simplify them as much as possible. No one has time to listen to your statistics especially if they aren’t simple and relatable.

Do not read from a paper, a tablet or any other aid throughout your entire presentation

It shows that you aren’t adequately prepared. If you have to read, just glance over the document to grasp the key points then deliver it as a pro. As you are preparing to present, just grasp the points and have fun so that you don’t show your audience that you are not getting it. It’s a rip off when you have been given a platform to speak and you read from a text.

Get your facts right

Before you move to do a presentation, verify your facts once again. How would it look if you stand before a crowd but you aren’t armed with facts? It’s not only bad for your image, it is also a rip off to the audience. When people give you time to speak to them, ensure that you add value to their knowledge. By researching and verifying facts, you show your audience that you respect them and you value their time.

The more visual the better

A picture speaks a thousand words so they say. One picture can speak numerous words that you can’t put in words. If there is a projector where you are presenting, get enough images that are captivating and thoughtful. Then incorporate them in your presentation and watchband you capture the audience’s mind.




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