Say hello to Professor Matthew McConaughey


Actor, Writer, Director and now Professor Matthew McConaughey will now teach a course at University of Texas of Austin. Starting in late August, the film making seminar is only available to 30 students who are in their 3rd or 4th years at the actor’s Alma Mater.

The course will also be instructed by Hunger Games Director Gary Ross. The duo in partnership with the primary instructor Scott Rice will take students through the course titled “Advanced Producing: Script to Screen.” Instructing via video for the better part of the course, the award winning actor does plan to visit with the students at least once in the course of the semester.

According to USA College Today the course description reads:

“Script to Screen” takes students behind the scenes of the 2016 Free State of Jones written and directed by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) and starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar). By studying the movie’s source material, script, shot lists, storyboards, shooting schedules, VFX, final cut and even exclusive behind the scenes footage, students will garner insight into the production of a major Hollywood feature.”

This course will focus on a new film starring McConaughey and Directed by Ross titled “Free State of Jones.” The film’s focus is on life during the civil war and it is thought that the students are expected to explore the themes of the film while interacting with the content of the course.

This is not the first time McConaughey has played professor, co-teaching the course before with head instructor Scott Rice. The waiting list for this course must be filled to the brim.



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