Who said that ladies only love flowers and chocolates?


Who said that all ladies are into flowers, chocolates, and the stereotypical lovey dovey stuff? Let me try and correct a few perceptions about the ladies. Maybe I shouldn’t generalize but let me correct those perceptions at least about me. I am madly in love with the rally world. Though the number of Kenyan women participating in the Kenyan rally

Though the number of Kenyan women participating in the Kenyan rally aren’t many, the few who do are barely given the spotlight.

Everyone thinks that the female gender cannot participate in activities that are masculine in nature. Or activities that are energy demanding and vigorous or simply put, ‘manly’ sports.  I tend to believe that what a man can do a woman can do it better.

You need to see the ladies who show up to have a good time at rallies e.g the 4 by 4 challenge and the rhino charge. It’s frustrating to see hundreds of women going to these events only to support the men who are the participants.

I hope that more ladies will come out in large numbers to participate in the Kenyan rally industry. I want to see more women wearing the baggy aprons, getting dirty and also winning titles.

Let’s have more women participate in the Kenyan rally industry in the next event.

By Shallin Brown, a second-year journalism student at Riara University. She is passionate about rally driving.








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