Ryan Reynolds Would Go ‘Crazy’ Over A Deadpool Oscar Nomination


Ryan Reynolds has promised there will be “one f***ing crazy reaction” from him if ‘Deadpool’ receives an Oscar nomination.


The 40-year-old hunk starred in the 2016 Marvel movie and although comic book films are rarely nominated for the most prestigious awards, Ryan hasn’t ruled out the possibility of ‘Deadpool’ receiving a nod from the Academy. Ryan told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast: “We had no idea we would ever get anything beyond an MTV Movie award best kiss nomination.


“I don’t think that any superhero film has ever really broken that glass ceiling, so it would be nice to see one like ‘Deadpool’ do it. And I can certainly promise one f***ing crazy reaction video online. In the ‘Deadpool’ suit. Guaranteed.”


Earlier this month, Ryan confirmed he wants to play Deadpool for “as long” as he can. The Hollywood star first donned the red and black skin-tight suit in 2009 for an appearance in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ before getting his own eponymously titled movie last year.He said: “I would love to play Deadpool for as long as they would let me play Deadpool. We have outlines and stories for a number of different films.”


The first movie was made on a relatively modest budget by Marvel standards but was well received by fans and critics, which has led to the development of a sequel. Ryan previously said that the budget for the sequel may be slightly bigger, but he suggested that the much-anticipated follow-up would not stray too far from the feel of the original film. He shared: “The budget is not going to be phenomenally bigger. Who knows? Maybe the budget will be bigger – anything can happen.”


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