Rwanda’s female artistes breaking glass ceiling


Dianne Rwanda

Dianne Hirwa is a 28 year old artiste based in Kigali, Rwanda. She is one of the female artistes in Rwanda breaking the glass ceiling with her brush strokes and through other forms of art. Dianne is exceptional because she also happens to be deaf.

She was born with a congenital condition which also affected two of her siblings. But that inability hasn’t stopped the talented artiste from improving her work and expanding her skills.

Dianne graduated with a diploma course in Kampala, Uganda and she has now enrolled at the Kyambogo University, School of Art and Industrial Design.

She was voted the second best exhibitor at the 16th Kigali International Fair in the art and craft category.

When not in class, Dianne is busy at her shop researching and making new art and handling customers. She communicates with customers by writing on a paper. She has expanded into clothes and accessories in addition to painting and sells her products between 7-44$

Other female artistes are following in Dianne’s footsteps. See video below

Video: A24 Media



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