Rose Nasimiyu Now Wants to be an Oncologist


Sometimes life gives you lemons, but it takes character to make lemonade. Rose Nasimiyu came into the forefront after her battle with cancer was made known to the public. The then 9 year old girl’s valiant fight against cancer, diagnosed as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was national news. This particular strain of cancer began in the cells of the immune system overcoming Rose’s body but not her spirit.


Known to be optimistic and lovely to all who met her, the country was moved by her resolve to overcome cancer. The young girls became a beacon of hope to many in the nation and received an outpouring of support from friends and strangers alike. As her situation worsened, her family moved to the United Kingdom where she received specialized care for a number of years and was later declared cancer-free after years of chemotherapy treatment.

Five years after leaving the country, the lovely Princess Rose Nasimiyu is back home and has received a welcome fit for a princess. The 14 year old young lady is as eloquent as most Kenyans remember and continues to inspire positivity among many. In a recent interview with Jeff Koinange she explained her journey overcoming the odds and how she lived to see another day.


A high school student now, she enjoys Chemistry and continues to chase her dreams. Among her biggest aspirations is to become an oncologist to help other children who may have suffered from cancer just as she did. She expressed her continued interest in music, singing of her chance to live to see another day.  The beauty’s cheerful outlook on life continues to rouse positivity for those who suffer from chronic conditions. It seems that the future is indeed bright for the survivor named Princess.



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