Rongai’s 125Musiq get’s serious with their “Bizna”


There once was pride in coming from a certain part of town, a particular area and all its known for. Many prided themselves in coming from Buru, Juliani is known for his Dandora pride just as Octopizzo is known for his love for Kibera . Nairobi’s area is zoned into various area codes in the early

A young group from Rongai consisting of 3 young artists now bring back the excitement many once had for their area. Hailing from the diaspora also known as Rongai, Route 125 (hence the name of the group), the trio have a new release that has generated some buzz. Their latest single titled “Bizna” which is slang for business is a song dedicated to all who hustle. With many among the youth looking to make a living in the capital Nairobi, this song encourages many to take pride in their work and reach for their dreams.

According to the group’s Youtube, ” the song celebrates enterprising youth and small business people in the hood who struggle daily to earn daily bread. It urges hustlers to love what they do and encourages them not to give up so that they can reap the sweet fruits of success. ”

The song has a Regga feel to it coupled with a distinct Genge beat, making it irresistible to bust a move. The melody is memorable and could easily have the tune stuck in your head. The video is a Calvo Mistari production, shot in the streets of Rongai.

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