Romain Virgo is set to perform in Nairobi


Jamaican, Reggae sensation Romain Virgo is set to perform on a Kenyan stage on the 24th September. With The Unit band in toe, the 26 year old performer is ready to take the Kenyan audience by storm as he provides a live performance at the KICC.

The young performer got his start on the Jamaican television choir contest in 2006. Ten years later, he is touring the world with a a wide following all over the globe. The lover’s rock crooner performed in Zimbabwe on the 17th of September and enjoyed overwhelming feedback from the crowd. The show was the artist’s first event in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare.  Romain became emotional over the positive love he received from the audience. When asked about his connection to the audience in an interview with Capital’s Hits Not Homework he stated “My emotions got the best of me.”

The “Soul Provider” singer is excited to perform and expects a great show and his time in Kenya. Sharing on his social media platform, Romain noted that the perception of Africa presented by media is misleading. He exclaimed “Africa is amazing and I’m loving the experience in Kenya #LoveSickFever ”



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