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Riots at Maseno Uni after attack on students


Maseno University Students went on the rampage on Tuesday morning over what they termed as insecurity within and around the institution.

The riots started as early as 5am before being contained by 6.30am and then resuming at 9.00 o’clock.

The early morning demonstration was sparked when two non -resident students who reside at Mabumgo village near the Siriba campus were attacked by an armed group at around 2:00am, beating and seriously injuring the students. The gang also stole personal belongings. According to our Maseno correspondent, the thugs are known to the residents of the area and have been terrorizing both students and outsiders for some time.

“Resident students rushed to the area after the alarm was raised. In the process, the students identified the thugs with the help local residents then the students senselessly beat one of the thugs to death before the police intervened. Two other thugs were also beaten and left in critical condition,” said Maurice Abonyo.

At around 3am, students went on a rampage, burning kiosks and barricaded the Kisumu-Busia road as they pelted vehicles plying the rout.

A student who spoke to Capital News Beat said security within the campus has deteriorated within the recent weeks.

“For a long time, the community around has been terrorising us and today is the only day that we can bring up the issue,” he stated.

The student noted that majority of them have lost properties to thugs whom they believed are from outside the institution.

“Both the police and the management have failed in their duties,” he said.

They also referred to an incident where a female student was raped by unknown people last weekend and no action has been taken.

In the meantime, the Management of the University held a crisis meeting to find a solution to the student unrest. . The vice chancellor Pro.Dominic Makawiti later pleaded with the students to restore peace. He visited the students that were attacked at the University health centre.

The meeting was chaired by the vice chancellor Dominic Mak Awiti who ordered students staying outside the campus not to return.

The varsity director of public relations George Ojuondo confirmed that the situation has been contained by the police and Kisumu Busia road opened after it was closed due the protest.

Two students who were injured during the attack were treated at the varsity clinic.

Meanwhile, learning has been paralyzed as the University offices remained closed for the better part of the day

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