Rihanna Confronts World Leaders On Education Policies


Robyn Fenty known to most as Rihanna, went on Twitter to confront the world’s most powerful leaders to ensure their commitment to implementing and funding education funding.



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Taking to her Twitter account, the Barbados native recently shared on social media her interest in improving education standards worldwide. Working with Global Citizen in conjunction with her Clara Lionel Foundation, Riri has been putting in work, as the Global Ambassador For Education.Honored with the 2017 Havard Humanitarian of The Year award, Rihanna seems to be more focused on drawing attention to educational agenda. A high school drop-out, Fenty has worked to provide scholarships to more students from the Caribbean.

Pop princess Rihanna did not shy away from calling out world leaders including Argentinian President Mauricio Marci, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron and of course European economic giant Germany. To the surprise of many, all the leaders tagged, promptly responded on Twitter. Moreover, some of Rihanna’s fans took the opportunity to shed light on the poor education amenities throughout the world, highlighting the need to fund better education facilities and programs.


Nonetheless, as the world leaders meet in the G20 Summit there are high hopes that progressive policies will be signed to ensure more of the world’s youth have access to quality education. Leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister are working towards better education for all.



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