Review: Huddah makes appearance on video about ‘Huddah’ by Sidney Twal


Huddah Twali

When the ‘Huddah Monroe’ audio dropped, the hype was enough to spark talks on social media and radio stations asking when the video companion was going to be released. With nearly 6,000 views on YouTube, it shows thousands were eager for the visual clip. The wait is finally over, as the video premiered last week on Youtube. It was shot by Video director Quincy of ‘Quincy frames per second’. He has worked with talented artists such as Hiphop group Kalahari whose videos have played on local TV channels especially NTV’s the BEAT.

The official video opens to a close up of the multi talented rapper looking straight at the camera, which dissolves to show a lady walking across a lighted path in neon heels. The song’s chorus starts on a high to reveal an ongoing party where the guys are singing along. It’s fascinating how the video transitions smoothly from scene to scene between vivid coloured and black and white frames, as the camera pans to show the wild party scene.

For a first video, it’s impressive how the rapper conveys onscreen confidence, which rivals many in the industry with years of experience. Miss Monroe, the inspiration behind the song, is seen midway in the video, wearing just a YBL tshirt and high heels. She steals the show with her strutting walk beside the rapper with effortless grace.

Overall, it’s evident that everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. It’s an appealing video which shows that any influential woman who gets their own should indeed be celebrated.

Given the high standards of visuals in the country, this video does not fall short of the quality bar set by recent hip hop videos. Soon it will be on rotation across the country on major Tv channels. Meanwhile click on the below link to view and comment on the video.



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