REVEALED: Campaign budget of a student leader includes hiring goons, weapons


student budget

If the saying that, ‘we are the leaders of tomorrow’ is true, then we are doomed if a campaign budget by one student leader is anything to go by. The budget reveals an itemized list that includes the provision for hiring 10 goons at Sh3,000 each and weaponry at Sh10,000.

The campaign budget has been leaked on twitter by @Aswo_Moli, and it is supposedly for a student aspiring for leadership at the Technical University of Mombasa.

The budget, handwritten on two foolscaps, shows a legit (official) budget on one and an official budget that shows the behind the scenes campaign processes of bribery, intimidation, parties, ‘regional balance in the cabinet’ and propaganda – just like regional and national politics.


Judging from the ‘b’ budget, the student and his campaign team is planning to hire 10 propagandists, each getting Sh2,000. Class reps, Block reps, the CU, SDA, Islam (leaders), party freaks, ladies mercenaries are all taken care at a total cost of Sh60,000. The ‘A’ list includes required and necessary items: Nomination fees Sh10,000, certificate of good conduct Sh2,000, publicity material, communication and social media. Reacting to the tweet, some former and current student leaders alluded that they used much less, though they didn’t outrightly say they didn’t have a ‘B’ budget.

Reactions from some former and current student leaders: 

It seems he more things change the more they remain the same.



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