Return of Kleptomaniacs Nyashinski, Collo & Roba, Who Did It Best?



The original Kenyan hip-hop crew that defined the late 90s and early 2000s is back. After separating, the three have staged a come back all as independent artists. From the group that gave us the chart-topper “Tuendelee” the trio’s latest releases have us wondering who is the best of the three. Much like American group Destiny’s Child the three characters gave the group the best of themselves making the group spectacular. But who’s who in the group?





Soft-spoken and simple, Nyashinski posed as the “Beyonce”  of the group,  shocking fans with his rapping prowess and gift for true lyricism.  First in command, he was often a laisse-fair leader, relating well with group members. After he left the group, Nyashinski left Kenya for greener pastures in America, coming back home 10 years later. Determined to prove himself and awe his loyal fans, Nyashinski’s humble comeback proves that anyone with true talent can always make it back into the spotlight, no matter how long their hiatus. Collaborating with Nameless, A.Y and even appearing on Coke Studio to cover his track with Nigerian pop queen Yemi Alade and more, it seems there is no stopping him. Nyashinski’s latest tracks like “Mungu Pekee” and “Now You Know” all go to prove he is the ultimate comeback king. The “Beyonce” of the group has now blossomed to more success away from his group members. There are no limits to what Nyashinki can do.




Known to family and friends as Collins Majale, Collo has always had a love for music. Part of the group Kletomaniax, Collo found himself a bit lost once the group split. Unlike his group members, Collo remained in the spotlight finding little success in the various tracks released under his name. Partnering with P.Unit’ s Frasha, with Ameleena in the song “Hodi Hodi” and even Nonini on the track “Mchezo Na Ganji” it seems none have reached the level of success as his latest hit “Bazokizo.” This being his first release after making public his spiritual transformation, Collo is finally featuring on the hit list for all the right reasons. He may have been the “Kelly” of the group, but his recent hit shows he just might be gunning for the top spot.




The most laid back member of the trio, formerly known as Roba, rapper Rawbar is back. Bringing back from the past Kenyan crooner Mr. Lenny, the duo released the track “Lucky Me.” The song a clear misfire on what was to be a great comeback, only highlights why Roba was not the top dog when Kleptomaniax was in existence. Weak bars laid on a mediocre beat, Rawbar has to do a lot more to catch up to his compadres. However, despite his dismal attempt at a comeback, Rawbar has received lots of support on making it back to the industry with his new release. Only time will tell if he has the staying power to make to the top.



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