How To Reset After Losing Your Job


It’s May 28th, the time when accountants are busier than ever, carefully detailing employees’ bank account details and “loading” them with respective salaries. You go to work as usual keeping in mind the fact that your salary will be in your account soon.


As you walk to your office desk, the receptionist storms in and hands you a piece of information which says that the boss wants to see you in his office. ‘Mr. Waweru, the company wishes to relieve you of your duties starting today. A new budget scheme has been availed and therefore your services will no longer be needed. We appreciate the effort you put in your position in making this company realize its goals. Asante sana” goes the Boss.


You know very well that you’ve been an industrious person at the company. But the fact that the company feels your services are redundant due to the changes it has made in your department, can be disheartening. The following pointers are tips on how to best handle the loss of a job.


1.Remain Calm

Letting emotions overwhelm you once you’ve lost your job will make you lose your cool. As you receive the news it is essential that you do not say anything that could compromise your relationships. Always seek to maintain your relationships, never burn any bridges.



Shift your mind and thoughts from your previous job and have a plan on where next to work. Shift your mindset and thoughts from your previous job and have a plan on where next to work. Instead, focus on new opportunities and how you could improve yourself to land an even better job or start a business.


3.Reconnect With Your Networks

these could be your college friends or previous workmates. Friends are crucial- but recall not all of them. So be choosy on whom to call and address the situation. Look at their likability towards you first before you ask for their assistance.



This article was written by Willie Blair.



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