Red Hot Chilly Peppers Get Hotter



The Red Hot Chilly Peppers is one band that has stood the test of time. Formed in 1983 in the state of Carlifornia, the band has produced one hit after another but only had their first number one album in 2006 title Stadium Arcadium.

Notorious for taking regular breaks, the band is back to giving the fans what they asked for.  The 4-man band went back to studio to produce a new album 5 years after their last album “I’m with you. ” The band has just released their eleventh album titled The Getaway with their first single under the title “Dark Necessities.” Jamming to some of the best of Red Hot Chilly Peppers; songs like “Give it Away”, “Carlifornication” “Road Trippin” and the classic “Hump de Hump” the new album has a lot to live up to. Their first single “Dark Necessities ” is already gaining popularity online.

The group has seen lots of obstacles losing a band member to a drug overdose in 1988 as well as internal struggles among group members in their formative years. However, their music continues to inspire many even the likes of TV Host James Corden. On a recent appearance on The Late, Late Show with James Corden, presenter James Corden declared the group his heroes. Watch their Carpool Karaoke here.





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