Recruitment portal eShule Plus to boost education in private schools

KPSA through the KPSA Somanet platform has introduced an Online Teacher Recruitment portal called eShule Plus. The portal has been launched with the hopes it will revolutionize how schools conduct their employment processes.

It is estimated that the Private School sector employs more than 150,000 staff. With the high mobile and internet penetration the country enjoys, this solution is timely and necessary. In line with the launch of National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) by the government, the employment portal will compliment NEMIS by taking care of the recruitment component. NEMIS has a module dealing with teacher transfer management.

All teachers seeking employment in the private school sector are encouraged to register themselves at no cost. The KPSA CEO Mr. Peter Ndoro says this online solution will revolutionize the way private schools will employ their staff moving forward, and hopefully improve the best services are offered in private schools. He also stated that the KPSA office usually receives numerous requests from members desperately looking for qualified staff members usually at short notice. Since the Association does not hold any information on teachers, members turn to social media like Whatsapp for solutions. The online recruitment platform will sort out this problem.

Employment opportunities from any school that posts a job opening will be visible to a registered candidate from across the country who meets the set criteria. This will encourage labor movement across the country and reduce the “tethered recruitment” effect coursed by schools tending to reach out to teachers within their areas of operation.

As the Ministry of Education seeks to improve the quality of education, a platform such as eShule Plus is set to ensure Kenya’s students in private institutions receive the best education, thereby improving the overall quality of education countrywide.

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