The Rebirth of Rihanna As A Nigerian


They say talent is inborn and God-given if that is the case, this Nigerian Project Fame contestant has it in spades. Known as Elizabeth Emoruwa, she was a contestant in the last season of the singing competition. The Nigerian Project Fame reality show wrapped up in late September which Elizabeth, or “Elbe” as she is known to her adoring fans lost out to Okiemute Ighorodje. Coming in second place, Elizabeth won N3 Million and a brand new car according to Project Fame Nigeria.


The 24 year old star is known for thrilling audiences with her powerful voice and emotive performances. One of her best performances on the show , was her rendition of Rihanna’s “Man Down.” The performance had the audience excited and judges impressed coining it ” the best performance of the night.” Her chilling¬†similarity to Rihanna wowed the live audience fortunate enough to witness her perform on stage. Elbe embodies Riri’s bad girl spirit in her performance.


Although she is yet to release any new projects, Elbe is headed for great things. Sharing¬† her counterpart’s music on her instagram, Elizabeth seems to be supportive of her fellow contestant’s success while working on her next project.





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