READ: Why Anto Neosoul challenging Wyre could be career suicide


While on a trip abroad, Wyre the Love Child caught wind of a challenge, from controversial singer Anto Neosoul. Without hesitation, Wyre accepted.


The challenge that has been set for August 4th is set to be a landslide as Wyre has more songs in his repertoire and decidedly more talent than Anto Neosoul.

For Anto Neosoul may be the challenger, it seems that this battle may have ended before it began. Anto Neosoul’s first and only album titled “Starborn” came out in to mixed reviews 2016. Former Necessary Noize member Wyre has had 4 albums with notable collaborations with various international acts including Grammy winners Morgan Heritage, Alaine, Cecile and Nigerian duo P-Square. Though Wyre’s last album “Lion” came out in 2015, he has won a number of awards including the covetted “Best New Entertainer” in 2013 at the International Reggae World and Music Awards.

Based on the statistics alone, it seems that Anto NeoSoul might have a hard time proving himself a better act than Wyre. Nonetheless, this show is definately worth waiting for.



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