READ: 5 things you keep apologizing for that lower your self esteem


The society has raised us to think, behave, and talk in a certain way. They have defined what’s wrong and what’s right way before we were born. Very few people in the society will accept you for you and not shame you for things you have no control over. We often try to conform to societal norms, to fit in and gain a sense of belonging. But, it is important that you are your own person, different yet special.

Here are five things you should never apologize about:

1.Your past or background
It’s what we go through that get us where we are. Whatever you have done in the past is connected to where you are now, this includes how you were raised. You might have a poor background yes, but do you have any control over it? No. Why feel like you owe someone an apology for something that shaped you?

2.Your goals in life
You are allowed to dream to achieve something. It does not matter what financial state you are in right now, no dream is too big. Dream big, there is not a dream out there that’s not for you. Have goals and no matter how big they are, don’t be apologetic about them. You will achieve them.

3.Your feelings
You are entitled to feel whatever you want to. If something offends you, tactfully express yourself. Don’t go overboard with it. If you are not completely comfortable with something that happened, take your time. Emotions take time to process and emotional healing can take years.

4.Your looks
Let no one define beauty for you because you are the definition of beauty. You are your own standard of beauty. They think you are ugly, they are even uglier for thinking something like that. Ignore the haters, and live your best life.

Let no one act like they don’t fail, everyone does. You failed and you got up like any legend would. Things just do not work out sometimes. Do your part and give it your best shot. A great attitude even in the face of failure offers you the chance to learn from the experience.

People will try to make you feel inadequate like there is something wrong with you but in the real sense, there is nothing wrong. Do not apologize for things you can’t control or change.



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