Rapper XXXTentacion dead, age 20

Florida-based rapper XXXTentacion is dead.

The controversial rapper was shot shortly after leaving a dealership, where he was shopping for a motorcycle. The 20-year-old faced 15 felony charges at his time of death including aggravated battery of a pregnant woman.  According to BBC, “XXXTentacion had a troubled upbringing and was expelled from middle school for fighting, but he channeled his energy and fury into music. He quickly became the most popular artist in the genre known as SoundCloud Rap, defined by its languid, hazy beats and wide-ranging influences.”

Local press shared a video of the lifeless rapper Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy aka XXXTentacion seated in his car made the runs on the internet in a shocking turn of events, that took the life of the great talent. After hearing the shots,  many surrounded the car while onlookers took video of the horrific incident sharing it on social media. In the midst of the tragedy, a man on scene checked for XXXTentacion’s pulse. Later identified as a nurse, the good Samaritan spoke to media, the man shared his disappointment with the onlookers who opted to capture the moment instead of offering a helping hand.

Fellow entertainers Lil Yatchy and Chris Brown and other rappers have sent their condolences.

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