Raila Says The Journey To Canaan Continues, And K.O.T Reacts


With Presidential petition being the talk of the town over the past week, it has taken the judges of the Supreme Court 2 days to deliberate and the results are out. However, it may not be as straight forward as many Kenyans may have thought. With the Court announcing the Presidential results of the just concluded elections were invalid due to election irregularities, the results of the elections are official nullifies. This leaves Kenyans with only one choice, to go back to the ballot.

There are always two sides of a story, and with the Supreme Court’s decision being made public, it seems both sides of the political divide have something to say. Kenyans on Twitter did not hold back.

The Court decision spurred talks on court’s decision and the administration of justice :


Others highlighted the need for unity amongst all Kenyans:


And of course, newly installed Embakasi MP Babu Owino had to chyme in:

GitheriMan relished at the chance at more fame:






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